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Sales support
Because of our good contacts with European air forces and our extensive network in other parts of the world we have gained representation for a number of Companies
We represent companies like ALCO, CI Systems, Hanwha Corporation, Jet Technology Centre, and TWIN Manufacturing Company.

Lease & Procurement support
We support our Customers to negotiate lease contracts and with the procurement of aircrafts or engines. An important part of these negotiations is the valuation of the assets and the survey of the actual market.

Support offset programs
Governments in many occasions are requesting for offset on military purchases or subcontracted services. BAP has gained a lot of experience in supporting companies in the fulfillment of their offset requirements and we were able to help our Customers to meet their requirements versus the Dutch government.

Interim Management
We can assist your operation with Managers that have extensive experience in leading Aerospace Companies or Departments or to assist with Projects.