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Part supply
We have built a solid reputation as a supplier for quality parts in either Serviceable, Overhauled or New condition.
Many respected Airlines are amongst our Customers.
We have an inventory of parts traceable to meet the aviation standards as a minimum. If not within our inventory we will source the parts with our partners.
The engines we support include the CF6, CFM56, PW4000, V2500, RB211, PW100 and PT6 series. Besides the Aero engines we also support the industrial LM and RB211 series. The Aircraft we support include the full range of Airbus, Boeing, MD, Fokker and ATR Aircrafts.

Inventory management
We provide inventory management to the extend requested by our customers, ranging from the sale of individual parts on a one by one bases to full inventory management on consignment. Services include inventory analyses, evaluation, document review, warehousing, quote, sale, pack, ship and collect.

Inventory remarketing
Changing Aircrafts means that you are often left with a large surplus inventory.
Through our worldwide representation we are able to support you in remarketing your redundant inventory and other assets.

Scrap replacement and Material review
In close communication with our customers we coordinate scrap replacement of major and critical components. We find new, overhauled, serviceable or (if requested) PMA parts to ensure timely delivery.
BAP also provides Material review of scrapped materials. With over 25 years of experience in component repair we know that parts are sometimes declared scrap due to the lack of knowledge of advanced repair techniques. We coordinate with our customers to have these parts repaired and reduce scrap replacement cost.